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Become a Goodville Agent

We identify new agencies to represent Goodville Mutual using our agency profile. It has been refined so that an agency falling within its boundaries should achieve success with Goodville Mutual. We are writing insurance in Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Goodville is appointing agents in selected areas within our licensed states, particularly in Illinois, Indiana and portions of Virginia between routes 81 and 95. Email Linden Sommers at linden.sommers@goodville.com to verify if your agency is in an eligible area prior to completing the online application.

Signature business elements of a Goodville Mutual Independent Agency

  1. The agency principal works full time in the agency;
  2. The agency is staffed by personnel with experience and expertise in P&C;
  3. The agency has a history of strong retention levels and above average five-year loss ratio;
  4. The agency attracts a regular flow of clients that match Goodville's policyholder profile;
  5. A fair portion of good business is submitted to Goodville;
  6. An E&O policy in force with appropriate aggregate limits; and
  7. There is a business/perpetuation plan for long-term profits and growth.

Signature character qualities of a Goodville Mutual Independent Agency

  1. Employees demonstrate a strong desire to develop high levels of understanding and trust with their insureds and companies;
  2. Employees demonstrate enthusiasm for teamwork with Goodville;
  3. The agency demonstrates an intention to build a lifetime relationship with Goodville;
  4. Employees demonstrate honesty, integrity, and pride in their work; and
  5. A friendly and positive attitude.

Be assured that Goodville Mutual is committed to the same high standards of character, integrity, and Christian principles that we seek from our agencies.

If you are interested in pursuing an appointment with Goodville Mutual, we invite you to submit your application to us and we will get in touch with you within three (3) business days of receipt of your application.

Thank you for your time and interest in Goodville Mutual Casualty Company.

Fred M. Macy, CPCU
VP Marketing

If you meet these requirements, click "Continue" to complete our agency profile questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of five (5) steps that will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.