President's Message

Thank you for visiting our Web site. If you are a Goodville policyholder or agent I trust you have discovered gBiz, our easy-to-use web-based program for transacting business on the Internet. Our agents use this system to get instant quotes and to send auto, home and commercial policy applications straight to our computers. If you are not a policyholder, I invite you to contact one of our agents who will be glad to help you evaluate your insurance needs and an affordable way to meet them.

As a mutual company our profits are reinvested in the company for the benefit of policyholders, not paid to outside shareholders. Goodville's business objectives are to keep our products competitive and our prices stable, avoiding drastic rate changes that are all too common in our industry. Such stability nurtures long-term relationships with policyholders and agents, which is positive for everyone.

We are pleased that both our income and our Policyholders' Surplus continue to grow significantly. Our equity gives us capacity to pay claims, to grow and to keep rates affordable. Our 2016 Report to Policyholders shows we had positive underwriting results despite an unusually high number of catastrophic weather events last year.

Our Property and Casualty industry remained financially stable and strong through the recent volatile financial times. At Goodville we manage our assets conservatively with the focus on sound long-term strategies and on financial security for our clients, not on risky short-term gains. You keep Goodville strong by preventing accidents and losses to your property. We continue to promote safe driving by educating drivers about the dangers of distracted driving, especially by phone use while driving.

It is our mission to help policyholders recover from loss and we feel satisfaction when we are part of restoring well-being to people whose lives have been disrupted. We also contribute a portion of our profits to organizations dedicated to improving our communities and the world through education, economic development and disaster response programs. Together we can help restore peace and justice to our world.

I would be delighted to hear from you on how our competitive products are helping provide you peace of mind, or to tell us how we can do even better. Thank you for giving us and our independent professional hometown insurance agents the opportunity to serve you.

David C. Gautsche