Beware Contractor Scams after Severe Weather

May 24, 2017

Summer is right around the corner, and with the warmer weather comes severe weather.  Severe weather can bring destruction, especially to property.  There are scammers out there targeting communities after destructive weather, at a time when they are most vulnerable and beginning to make repairs.

Homeowners and business owners in need of repairs due to storm-related destruction and damage should be aware of common contractor scams.  These deceitful scammers pose as legitimate contractors and will try to pressure you into making impulsive and often expensive decisions on property repairs.

Make sure you do your research before hiring a home improvement contractor.  According to Consumer Reports, you should:

  • Check the Better Business Bureau for any reports or complaints on the contractor.
  • Search online for complaints and reviews on the contractor.
  • Review your state?s laws and regulations regarding home improvement contractors.
  • Beware of cold calls, especially if the contractor is offering a deal with materials left over from another job.
  • Get references for the contractor for past jobs.

The Illinois Attorney General gives these additional tips:

  • Take time to shop around for a contractor; do not feel rushed.
  • Get all terms of a contract in writing.  Obtain a copy of the signed contract.
  • Do not make full payment until the work is completed to your satisfaction.
  • Do not pay in cash.
  • Ask to see required state and local permits and licenses.

You should also speak with your insurance representative to determine if the repairs will be covered by your insurance policy.

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