Goodville Mutual takes a unique approach to their COVID-19 response.....

April 17, 2020 offering members the option to donate their premium credit to charity and matching the first $100,000!

Goodville has gone one step further in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, by offering members the option to donate their auto premium credit to those who have been most impacted by this pandemic. 

Every Goodville member with a personal auto policy is eligible for a safe@home credit of 15% of two months auto premium.  Each member will receive a letter in May with details of their safe@home credit, along with the option for members who are in a position to be charitable, to consider donating their safe@home credit to those who have been most impacted by this pandemic. 

Goodville has set up a dedicated 800 # and web page for members to select the type of charity they would like to donate their credit to including food banks, first responders & health care workers, or international relief.  Goodville will then match donations made by their members up to $100,000.

David Gautsche President and CEO of Goodville said;
"We wanted to do more than just recognize the change in driving habits of our members, so we looked for ways where we can make a bigger impact in helping those who are truly struggling through this pandemic and those who will be finding it tough when life starts to get back to 'normal'.  We are very proud of this approach, we see this as an opportunity to demonstrate our compassion and to reinforce that we are guided by our values of love, justice, and integrity."

All the details will be included in the letter members will receive in May from Goodville, including the amount of credit each personal auto member will receive.  No action is required to receive your premium credit. 

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