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Building and Contents Coverage Options

"Risks of direct physical loss" except those excluded in the policy such as wear & tear, nuclear incidents, war, flood, etc.; or Named perils including fire, lightning, explosion, sonic boom, windstorm or hail, smoke, vehicles and aircraft, riot or civil commotion, vandalism, sprinkler leakage, sinkhole collapse, volcanic action, glass breakage, falling objects, weight of ice, sleet or snow and water damage.

Inflation Guard

When replacement cost coverage is purchased, building limits are automatically increased based on the rate of inflation in the construction industry.

Loss Settlement Options

Losses to your building and contents adjusted on replacement cost basis without deduction for depreciation; or actual cash value

Liability Coverages

Premises and Operations

Includes bodily injury or property damage which you are legally liable for as a result of products you sell or distribute.

Owners and Contractors Protective

Includes bodily injury or property damage which you are legally liable for as a result of losses by contractors that you hired.

Contractual Liability

Blanket contractual liability

Personal and Advertising Injury

Includes libel, slander, false arrest, wrongful entry or eviction, misappropriation of advertising ideas and infringements of copyrights or trademarks.

Defense Costs

Fire Legal Liability


Parsonage Liability

Automatically included if the pastor lives in the parsonage.

Cemetery Liability

Automatically included if the church owns the cemetery and it is located adjacent to the church.

Church Amendatory Endorsement

We offer these unique coverages for no additional charge. Higher limits may be available - contact an agent for more details.

Antennas, Awnings, Canopies, Fences & Signs

Must be located within 1000 feet of your building
Antennas, Awnings & Canopies: $1000
Fences: $10,000
Signs: $10,000

Appurtenant Structures

10% of your building limit can be applied to appurtenant structures and utility buildings located on the described premises.

Arson Reward

Up to $5000 for information that leads to the conviction of a person(s) involved in an arson at your property.

Employee Dishonesty

$15,000 for loss of money or securities resulting from a fraudulent or dishonest act by an employee.

Excess Medical Expense

Medical payments coverage for volunteers and athletes is excess over any other insurance.

Excess Medical Payments - International Trips

$5000 per person for church sponsored trips out of the country. This coverage is excess over any other insurance.

Fire Department Service Charge


Fire Extinguisher Recharge


Glass Breakage


Inventory or Appraisal Costs


Lock/Key Replacement


Money & Securities

$10,000 on premises; $5000 off premises. The limits will be doubled for 48 hours prior to and following:

  • Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving - Thursday through Sunday
  • Christmas Sunday through New Year's Sunday
  • Maximum of 2 church stewardship services

Newly Acquired Buildings

Provides up to $2,000,000 coverage for up to 180 days for newly acquired buildings.

Non-Owned & Hired Auto

(Indiana & Illinois - refer to your agent for more details)
Coverage is extended to include non-owned or hired autos. Also includes:
$2000 per vehicle for loss of use or loss of rental income
$1000 per person/$10,000 aggregate for personal property that is stolen or destroyed
$1000 per occurrence/$3000 aggregate for property of others that is stolen or damaged

Ordinance or Law Extension

$100,000 for increased costs of construction due to an ordinance or law.

Outdoor Art or Decorative Objects

Included in the Building limit if located within 1000 feet of the building.

Personal Effects

$5000 per person; $15,000 per occurrence

Personal Effects of Clergy

$25,000 per clergy member; $50,000 per occurrence

Personal Property in a Parsonage


Personal Property - Off Premises

$50,000 including property in transit
$10,000 for property in a vehicle or at a fair or exhibition

Personal Property of Others


Refrigerated Food Products


Sewer and Drain Back-up


Surface Water


Tenant's Improvements

Up to 10% of the Business Personal Property limit, subject to a maximum of $20,000.

Trees, Shrubs and Plants

$500 per item/$5000 per occurrence

Tuition Fees and Extra Expense

Up to $100,000 for lost Tuition Fees, for up to one year.
Up to $50,000 Extra Expense, for up to one year, to continue normal business operations.

Valuable Papers and Records


Wage Loss Reimbursement

Up to $2500 per person for lost wages that are the result of a covered Medical Payments claim.

World Wide Coverage

For property used on a church sponsored trip or activity that doesn't exceed 180 days:
$25,000 but not exceeding $2500 on any one item - for perils other than theft.
$2500 but not exceeding $500 for any one item for theft.