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Promote safety in your workplace with these safety tips.


Every year there are roughly 150,000 injuries from construction site accidents, and more than 1,000 deaths. This makes the construction industry the most dangerous place to work in the entire nation. Use the Construction Site Safety Guide to learn about common reasons injuries occur, construction site rules and regulations, suggested dress code and safety equipment, common areas/incidences of risk, and a safety checklist.

Contruction Site Safety Guide

Take a look at the Top 10 causes of job site accidents and how to avoid them.

Top Ten Construction Safety Tips


Find articles, news, videos, guides and publications related to farm safety. Topics include animal handling, farm emergency training, farm equipment and structures, protective gear, youth safety, disaster preparedness, and more.

PennState Extension Farm Safety

Most farm worker injuries and deaths are caused by tractor incidents such as overturns, runovers, power take-off (PTO) systems, and unintended contact with tractor attachments or implements. Use this fact sheet to learn more about these tractor hazards and the safety measures you can take to protect tractor operators.

OSHA Agricultural Safety Fact Sheet

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