Personal Umbrella

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What is an Umbrella Liability Policy?

Your home, auto, farm or business policies cover you for certain risks and specific limits. But sometimes you might need more coverage than these policies can provide. An Umbrella policy is designed to protect you against a catastrophic lawsuit or judgement. It provides an additional layer of coverage over and above the liability coverage found in your home, auto, farm or business liability policies.

Why do I need an Umbrella Liability policy?

An Umbrella policy can help to protect you from a potential financial catastrophe. In today's litigious society, it's not uncommon to hear about very large jury awards. An Umbrella policy can help to protect the assets that you've worked hard for and accumulated over the years.

Review the liability limits listed in your home, auto, farm or business policies - if a large judgement was awarded against you, how would you pay it?

What does an Umbrella Liability policy cover?

  • An Umbrella liability policy covers you and your family or your business for most bodily injury, property damage and personal injury losses.
  • Defense coverage is available for defending claims and suits, if coverages applies. Defense costs are paid in addition to the policy limit.
  • Limits of $1 million, or more, are available, if you qualify.
  • No matter where you travel, your Umbrella liability policy is with you. It covers you anywhere in the world.

We offer Personal, Farm, and Commercial Umbrella Liability policies. Talk with your agent to learn more about Goodville Mutual's Umbrella liability policy options.

We developed these questions and answers to help you think about how an Umbrella policy might be valuable to you. We recommend that you seek professional advice from your attorney or accountant as it applies to your specific legal and financial needs.

This is not a policy and does not provide coverage. The features found here may or may not be included in your policy depending on the type of coverages you select. Please refer to your Goodville Mutual policy for specific coverages or contact your agent for assistance. Not all coverages may be available in all states.