Spring Readiness Checklist for Property Owners

March 20, 2018

The first day of spring is here, which means spring and summer storm season are around the corner.  Prepare your property for storm-related losses with this checklist provided by the Kansas Insurance Department:

  • Check your homeowner and vehicle policies to ensure you have proper coverage for hail and windstorm damage. Speak with your agent to review your property coverage for any gaps.
  • Take an inventory of your personal property, including model and serial numbers when available.
  • If possible, take photos of or video your personal items. Store this information, along with receipts, in a safe deposit box or somewhere other than your home.
  • Keep your house in good repair all year long. I.e. make sure roofing shingles are secure, garage doors are reinforced, and unnecessary debris is removed from the yard. Loose debris can cause property damage or personal injury during high winds.
  • Check your roof for leaks and check rain gutters for damage.
  • Check that trees or branches are not in danger of falling on your home. Remove weak branches that could fall in high winds.
  • Take severe weather alerts and warnings seriously.
  • In case of a power outage have a full supply of fresh batteries for radios and flashlights, and a supply of bottled water, dried foods, and canned goods.
  • Listen to the latest forecasts from TV or radio news channels.
  • If you have time to act, move vehicles into a garage or shed during a severe storm warning.
  • Know how flood damage is covered. Flood protection is not usually included in a homeowners policy. Contact your agent to find out more on flood coverage.



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