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Traveling? Your Homeowners insurance has you covered.

December 20, 2017

Many of us enjoy traveling away from home throughout the year, whether it's for an annual vacation, an upcoming holiday, a honeymoon, or to see the family.  Our trips can take us across the country or across the globe.

Your Homeowners policy covers your home and contents while you're away, but did you know the items you take with you are covered as well?  They're covered anywhere in the world! 


If your golf clubs are stolen, your luggage is lost, or you experience a hotel theft, your Homeowners policy may cover the loss.  There is a policy deductible and limits to high value items like jewelry, cash, precious metals, and guns so be sure to reach out to your local agent to find out what's covered, if you have enough coverage, and if you need to take additional action to receive coverage.

Your personal liability coverage limit also follows you around the world.  Personal liability covers claims made against you for accidental bodily injury you cause to other people or property damage you cause to other property.  If you unintentionally break a window or kitchen appliance in your rental home or accidentally hit someone with your golf ball while golfing, there is coverage on your Homeowners policy.

Whether you're traveling across town or across the Atlantic Ocean, your Homeowners insurance follows you there.  Happy traveling!

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